My fellow enthusiasts,

I trust you share with me today a sense of achievement, as we formally acknowledge the establishment of the Nusantara Polo Club. Speaking as the former Chairman of the Jakarta Polo and Equestrian Center – the pioneer polo organization in Indonesia – I commend Prabowo Subianto’s remarkable accomplishment, for the sport and for Indonesia, in founding Nusantara Polo Club, or ‘NPC’.

We remember with pride how NPC and its member athletes took part in international events, the latest being as Indonesia’s representatives at the Thailand 2007 SEA Games. Their commitment reveals how NPC’s vision is not merely to facilitate the exercise of our sport but also to demonstrate that Indonesia is a nation capable of holding its own in equestrian sports, particularly polo.

I am optimistic that NPC can flourish, as a center for developing our skills, with your continued support and commitment. While we still have a long journey ahead of us to achieve set goals, I strongly believe that the very presence of NPC is a notable milestone in the history of Indonesian polo.

To all polo enthusiasts and newcomers alike, I extend the invitation to work together in building NPC as a place to nourish our love and affection towards the game; with your collaboration it will become a focus for recreation, in a spirit of friendly competition, as well as a facility for networking. Let us strive together to make NPC a place where new generations of Indonesian polo players with strong character and determined dedication will be born.

Best regards,


Hashim S. Djojohadikusumo
Chairman of Nusantara Polo Club


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