Dear fellow polo lovers,

I proudly welcome all of you to Nusantara Polo Club, the establishment of  which is the remarkable result of a long and dedicated effort of its founders for their affection for equestrian sport, in particular polo. I would thus like to express heartfelt appreciation to my brother, Hashim S. Djojohadikusumo, for his extraordinary contribution in bringing polo to Indonesia. His persistent endeavors in support of the Indonesian Polo Team’s effort to compete successfully in international events has been an inspiration for us in establishing this new club.

Further, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all those groups and individuals who have generously shared their support and counsel through all the stages of the development, so that this Club can finally be proclaimed for us here today.

Polo is regarded as a new sport in Indonesia. But once its enthusiasts established its presence in this country, it soon captured the heart of Indonesian equestrian lovers. It is a sport with unique characteristics and certainly reveals challenges, at once intense and yet addictive. Polo requires more than physical strength. Riding skills and a gentle understanding is also necessary to expertly a high-strung horse. Bravery is there too, in competing as such an intense tempo. It also requires the ability to make a quick decision within a very limited timeframe, under intense competitive pressure from another equally skillful – or superior! – opponent. Polo thus becomes a close analogy to daily life of a leader, and it is no exaggeration to refer to it as the ‘the King of Sports and Sports of the Kings’.

The presence of this website is also a definitive step toward spreading understanding and development of polo in Indonesia. Through this new medium we hope that ideas and thoughts can be shared so that Polo can evolve nationwide.

Again, I would like to thank all of readers, equestrian and polo enthusiasts for your support and contribution to the Nusantara Polo Club.


Prabowo Subianto
Patron of Nusantara Polo Club


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